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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  April 26, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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refuses to give up on his lawsuit against a local newspaper. why the owner refiled his suit again today. good afternoon. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. dan snyder is back in the headlines again today, but it has nothing to do with the nfl lockout. today the team owner reignited a legal battle he's waging against the washington city paper. >> he refiled that lawsuit in d.c. to add columnist dave mckenna as a defend. he first filed up in new york and as news 4's melissa mollet reports, he is suing for what he calls reckless and false reporting. >> reporter: this all started with an article from november 2010, a city paper story that redskins owner dan snyder said leveled damaging attacks and reckless charges against him. he said he'll drop this lawsuit, a complaint of his portrayal in that article as soon as he gets an apology from the paper. his lawyer talked about it on
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106.7, the fan, this morning. >> people have the right to say you can't print false and awful accusations. >> in an op-ed piece published by "the washington post" tuesday, snyder says this suit filed in d.c. is essentially the same as the first one filed in new york. >> people to feel they have bad blood for the team. >> reporter: he writes in part, i am not thin skinned about personal criticism. i consider myself a very fortunate to own the redskins. criticism comes with the territory and i respect it. but those we spoke with say the suit is detracting from the team's real issues right now. >> it just seems to be pretty much a circus. >> ending the nfl lockout and getting the redskins some wins. wendy kenny has been a die-hard skins fan for years. >> he's taken away a lot of the -- i guess the sport of it. >> reporter: thus far, the city paper has dhefd story. >> we want a retraction and an
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apology. >> the original suit was for $2 million. dan snyder says if he wins even a penny from this lawsuit, he'll donate that money to the homeless. melissa mollet, news 4. coming up tonight at 5:00 on news 4, we'll hear from one of the two redskins players who showed up at redskins park today and were told they can't work out even though a judge has ordered the lockout over. pat? >> we are learning today that the stabbing at the national zoo yesterday wasn't the only act of violence on monday. today a police officer revealed there were a number of fights on zoo grounds earlier in the day. the officer says things got out of control. violence escalated when a 16-year-old was arrested for stabbing a 14-year-old repeatedly. >> the suspect is being charged with assault. news 4's pat collins will have reaction from the zoo director coming up during a live report at 5:00 and 6:00. our facebook page has been buzzing with your comments about safety concerns or lack of
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safety there in light of yesterday's stabbing. patrick posted this. he says the zoo needs more security. he says i don't know what's wrong with a lot of today's youth. they should be out playing or home playing video games instead of all this violence. mind cage wrote, the security at the park is fine. just because some riffraff causing trouble doesn't mean it's not. stop putting people in a panic. jahi has a slightly different take on things. he writes, security is not a necessity. big events should just call for more security. common sense in this day and age. >> well, let's get the word on some weather. looks nonthreatening right now. but get ready. we've got some severe thunderstorm watches already in parts of our area. >> veronica johnson has the lowdown. take it away. >> thanks, guys. indeed that watch is just west of the area. out there right now for the majority of us. we're just looking at a little bit of building hue right now.
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the severe thunderstorm watch is for some of our western counties. it starts up around hagerstown, maryland and through martinsburg, west virginia, down through winchester down south to rockingham. and points west. that severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 p.m. means we have the potential to see some severe thunderstorms until 9:00, perhaps 10:00 p.m. but i think indeed we could have some storms, isolated storms coming through that area overnight. already we're seeing storms fire up around cumberland. they do have some lightning with them as well. some of those cells. most of them again west of i-81. you can see a few just south and west of the stanton area as well as moving from parsons to kaiser, west virginia. our temperatures today, plenty high. 78 degrees in d.c. now. we had some higher temperatures. some of those locations with a south to southeasterly wind. quantico around lenoredtown. annapolis, 76. the southwest wind in the
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mid-80s. so your good night forecast, 76 degrees by 5:00. by 9:00, 71 and then cooling off a bit. isolated thunderstorms for evening, possibly even a good part of the overnight. a higher threat for severe storms coming our way tomorrow. and if you are already tired of the warmth we've gotten, i'll tell you when you can expect a little cool-off. jim? >> veron karks thank you. ford's first quarter profits have surged 22% from last year due to the demand for more fuel efficient vehicles. consumer confidence is also up this month. experts tell us these are small signs the nation's fragile economy is trying to bounce back. but as michelle franzen reports now, there are other factors that could throw the recovery. >> reporter: whether at the grocery store or at the gas pump, rising prices are a reminder of economic uncertainty. but there are also signs the nation is slowly on the road to recovery. in the form of earnings, ford
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posted its best first quarter in more than a decade. >> it really is a testimony to the strength of the product line, but also the value that customers see in the product line today. >> reporter: buying power for big ticket items helped boost consumer confidence slightly in april. along with a drop in concerns over unemployment and inflation. treasury secretary timothy geithner says rising gas, oil and prices will continue to play a role in family budgets but believes the economy is on the mend. >> i believe we can be confident that the economy is healing, gradually getting stronger. >> the housing market is one area still struggling to find solid ground. americans remain cautious when it comes to buying a home. but experts are hoping spring will help turn a corner. >> we still working off through the mountain of foreclosures, but i think we're getting rid of more of them than we're adding in. that's a plus. >> analysts say even though americans are showing a willingness to spend on certain items, families still have to
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keep a close watch on their bottom line. >> the best thing households can do for their own balance sheets is to hunker down, save, not, you know, make new commitments. but if everybody does that, that means it's a drag on overall spending. >> the trick will be striking a balance between spending and saving for that rainy day. michelle franzen, nbc news. and oil refinery in texas is back up and running this afternoon after several outages overnight. people living in texas city were told not to leave their homes for several hours. bp, dow, valero and marathon oil all experienced outages. the alert closed schools in texas city today while officials investigated the cause. no one was injured. dozens of american airlines passengers on a flight to washington had to spend the night in charleston after their plane was forced to make an emergency landing. flight 1012 was traveling from miami to washington last night when passengers reported
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smelling smoke in the cabin. the plane was diverted to charleston. it landed there safely and there were no injuries. repair crews believe an electrical short in the plane's bathroom caused that smoke. a preliminary national transportation safety report today suggests a manufacturing defect caused a southwest jet's rooftop to rip open over the skies. the report found rivet holes on the 737 didn't line up or were the wrong size. the ntsb says it's also looking into possible wear and tear issues. boeing, which manufactured the 737, says it won't speculate on preliminary findings. former maryland governor and longtime baltimore city mayor william donald schaefer will be buried tomorrow morning. schaefer's cask set lying in repose in baltimore city hall. the rotunda there is open for public viewing until 9:00 tonight. yesterday, hundreds paid their final respects at the statehouse
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in annapolis. schaefer passed away last monday at 89. he spent more than 50 years in maryland politics, including 16 years as baltimore's mayor and eight years as governor. and we'll have live coverage of the funeral of governor william donald schaefer starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning. you can see it all online at nbc and on our nbc washington nonstop channel. that's comcast channel 208, channel 460 on verizon if ios, cox fable channel 803 and over the air on 4.2. the montgomery board of education picked a new superintendent to replace jerry weist who is retiring. joshua starr has served as superintendent of schools in stamford, connecticut for the past two years. if approved, starr will begin work in july. coming up at 5:00, you'll hear why montgomery county school officials picked starr. well, most people are back at work after a long week off or
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a long holiday weekend. we've already got an tox talk about on i-270 northbound. >> ashley linder has the lowdown. >> good afternoon. is another nasty afternoon. we had monday, which was a big mess, and today no exception. 270 northbound as you guys were hinting, we have an accident involving a motorcyclist. only one right lane gets by. 270 northbound at falls road. this is where delays begin. get past montros and you hit these delays. the issue is just beyond 28. just out of camera reach here but up towards the top of your screen, very heavy delays will continue up that way. good news, though. once you get beyond 28 and the accident scene, it's wide open. this is something we don't see every day which is wide open spaces past montgomery village. capital beltway, our delays are nasty this afternoon. we've had a combination of midday road construction and a couple of fender benders that got delays on the outer loop kicked off strong and early. delays are back towards the seven locks and river road area. both sides of the beltway are
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heavy there. headed away from us, we'll follow that into bethesda. very heavy. we did have an earlier afternoon vehicle fire past old georgetown. that's been cleared. delays continue well into silver spring this ternoon. pat and jim, back to you. >> all right. >> thanks, ash. well, have you been holding your nose when you step outside? road crews hope to get rid of a bad odor in d.c. ddot crews are spraying the ginkgo trees. the fruit leave a very unsavory smell. ddot choosing the same spray that's been used the past several years now. crews began spraying the trees in wards one, two and six overnight. they'll move on to other wards over the next few nights. they are pretty to look at, but they do let off a stench. >> we'll be glad when spring passes. and the odor will pass with spring, i believe. news 4 continues in just a minute. coming up, he's not a celebrity, so why in the world are the media all over this guy in
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london? also ahead, facebook improves its e-mail to friends with a much easier button. >> at what point did you realize, oh, my god, i could use this. it could slip away from me. >> and a preview of lindsay lohan opening up to jay leno.
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the astronauts who will travel on board the space shuttle "endeavour" have arrived at the kennedy space center. the six astronauts flew in from houston this afternoon. "endeavour" is set to lift off friday afternoon on its final voyage. mission commander mark kelly says he's looking forward to the arrival of his wife congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she'll arrive later this week. giffords, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, has been given the okay to travel to watch the historic launch. just three days to go now before prince william and kate middleton tie the not. >> and preparations are in full swing. they're intensifying. rehearsals being planned and people are already camped out along the procession route. kristen dahlgren joins us once again live from london where we understand even the bookies are
4:16 pm
in now on the action. huh, kristen? >> everybody is getting in on the action, jim and pat. and we just got the official word that william and kate are now in london doing their last-minute preparations. they are shutting down some of the streets tonight for an overnight dress rehearsal. hundreds of service personnel will be lining the procession route. for the diehard fans, today was the day to stake out a spot. >> 56-year-old john larrie already has his seat to the wedding on a sleeping bag outside westminster abbey where he'll camp for the next three days. >> diana would be very proud of her son prince william and catherine's marriage and prince harry as best man. >> he was the first but he's far from alone in the will and kate craze. not far away, the world's media has set up camp on every available rooftop to bring every little detail to the viewers around the world. >> the interest is just huge.
4:17 pm
>> well in the abbey's shadow, bookmakers are also getting in on the action with millions potentially on the table. >> we're taking bets on prince phillip to fall asleep. also bets on whether william will wear spectacles during the wedding. also whether kate will jilt william at the altar. >> heaven forbid that happens with so many preparing to celebrate a successful union and street parties around the country. >> 1,000 meters of bunting. >> if you need a souvenir to mark the occasion, there is no shortage of will and kate stuff from the official to the unsanctioned. paper dolls to pez dispensers, the royal wedding frenzy clearly in full swing. so you really don't have to go far to find everything and kate from the official tea towels to the probably not approved by the palace shot glasses but it all adds up to a huge boost to the
4:18 pm
british economy this week. jim and pat, back to you. >> kristen, the weather has been really nice. it's been very hot there, but now we're hearing about possible rain on the wedding day. >> yeah, things are expected to go downhill. it's already gotten a lot cooler and some wind and maybe even some rain expected on friday. but british tradition says that is good luck. probably because it rains here so often, usually. but either way, the couple says they are going to be happy and go through with everything and the crowds are going to be out there regardless of the weather. >> and kristen, any idea where they are right now? three days out? >> well, we know that they're in london now. not sure exactly where they are and what they'll be doing over the next few days. last-minute preparations. we do know that william made a second trip to kate's hometown. they there were on easter. he was back just yesterday.
4:19 pm
and so another quick trip for them to her -- oh, wait. hang on, guys. he's actually here. take a look. >> oh, my goodness. how did that happen? on cue. >> quick, get his autograph. >> you know. >> ask him some questions. we want to hear the accent. >> i'm not sure that will be so good. there are a lot of william look alikes here. >> kristen dahlgren with both the prince and the future princess there. >> exclusively. in honor of the royal wedding, pastry chefs in london were invited to participate in an online cake contest last month. the best are now on display at the let them eat cake exhibit. there's a replica of queen elizabeth's wedding cake which stood nine feet tall. a cake of buckingham palace and several made to honor prince william and his future bride. of course, we boent know what
4:20 pm
the official wedding cake looks like until friday. i wonder if they put a piece in each other's mouth like they do on this side of the pond. >> let's hope so. >> wendy is going to find out. wendy rieger reports live from london every night this week on news 4 at 11:00. tonight, she'll introduce us to some of the wacky characters showing up for the wedding. you can also follow wendy and her photographer on twitter. nbc wendy and photoview dv. dc. >> how many people really care about the royal wedding? >> we went to two of the 20 to find out what people in our area are saying on twitter. here's craig melvin. >> well, it is the biggest media event in the world right now. thousands of reporters are now in london giving us nonstop coverage of the royal wedding. and it seems the only thing bigger than the constant chatter is the commercialism of the event. joining us now are clint an
4:21 pm
yates and nicky schwab with the washington examiner. they are two of the 20, our list of the 20 people worth following in your community right now. let's start with the big question here. clinton, do people really care as much as we think they do? >> people definitely care. my whole newsroom is decorated with english flags, little red tiaras. we're having a little party. >> i know in washington there are lots of viewing parties and events going on and people -- people are unexpectedly like pumped about it. >> what is it about the british monarchy that still seems to fascinate so many people on this side of the pond? >> celebrities. the lohans. people treat them the same way. if we had actual royalty here, people would probably think the same. >> nicky, is that it or is it lots of women out there that have never let go of that fantasy wedding? >> and they have the accent, too. >> i do love the accent as well. >> she's such a style icon.
4:22 pm
i think she dresses better than a lot of the people in hollywood. that's a big part of it, too. >> are you worried you're going to be watching it? >> i'm watching at the ritz-carlton. >> it's going to be a big twitter. i'll probably be following it on a computer screen somewhere. >> have we been surprised by the coverage? >> it's been tame as far as what i'd expect. >> you have it sort of eclipse almost the -- >> clinton yates, nicky schwab with the post and the examiner respectively, thank you both so much. do appreciate your time. you can follow us @nbcwashington on twitter and you can also follow me, @craigmelvin. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a very expensive heist. why thieves targeted hair inside a beauty supply store. plus, why michael vick is fired up over an app.
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than leading regular toothpastes. used daily, it helps promote good oral health. try improved polident - now with microclean. this has beem medifacts for polident. another day of summer. another day with temperatures in the 80s. but our focus is going to turn because really starting tomorrow and through thursday, the emphasis really will be on storms. thunderstorms around the area.
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another hot one today. let's take a look outside where we've got some of those puffy clouds. temperature right now reagan national airport is at 78 degrees. probably notice the sticky stuff in the air. the dew point and temperature at 64 degrees and the humidity at 62%. wind out of the south at 15 miles an hour. where do we go from here? for the evening hours, by 5:00, 76. i think it's going to be dry for most of our viewing area. but we could, for 7, for 9:00, even 11:00 p.m. could be looking at isolated thunderstorms around the area. some of which could bring high winds and possibly some hail. 74 degrees by 7:00. 71 by 9:00 and 69 degrees by 11:00 p.m. this evening. so there is already a severe thunderstorm watch out for western most counties until 9:00 p.m. the potential for storms through winchester, virginia, as far south as culpepper off to the west. and there are several watch boxes out for the same storm system that's been producing
4:27 pm
thunderstorms around the area. ohio valley and areas of the southern plains. in the 80s for the most part. 84 degrees sterling and manas s manassas. so another hot and sticky one today and it's helping to allow these storms to really fire. quiet around most of our viewing area. all the way to leesburg. west around i-81, locations west of there see the lightning. those are the cells firing already. coming off some of the higher elevations of the blue ridge. so your thunderstorm watch from pennsylvania down through virginia. and a tornado watch continues from michigan. several watch boxes, in fact, through indiana, all the way to arkansas and texas. so over the next 48 hours, here we go. it's going to be a warm one around the area. thunderstorms will be moving through the area. tomorrow, and then a better chance on thursday as that front comes through. so wednesday evening rush could be sloppy and thursday morning rush could be pretty sloppy,
4:28 pm
too. mostly cloudy skies. possibly some storms from 78 degrees to 73. then for tomorrow morning, think that it's going to be dry. a warm start, though, between 62 and 66 degrees. and then for the day tomorrow, some afternoon storms from 78 to 82. maybe just a little cooler in most locations than it was today. so high threat of storms for thursday right now. and that's where our cooldown starts. friday at 71 degrees. and 73 degrees expected on saturday. we'll take a look at the extended forecast in just a few. >> we'll see you then. >> thanks, veronica. stay right there for this one, folks. lindsey lohan opens up to jay leno in a surprise appearance. a sleeping baby, a car and a missing moth
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you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news 4 at 4:00. >> welcome back, everyone, at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. dan snyder refiled a lawsuit against the washington city paper today. this all stems from an article published in november of last year that snyder claims made false accusations about one of his companies. snyder says he still would be willing to drop the suit if the city paper issues a public retraction or apology. >> the national zoo may be stepping up its crowd control after yesterday's stabbing of a
4:32 pm
teenager. a 16-year-old is being charged as an adult now with assault. police say he tried to kill a 14-year-old. pat collins has new information tonight at 5:00. officers say that wasn't the only act of violence on zoo grounds easter sunday. >> in montgomery county, the board of education has picked a new superintendent to replace jerry weist who is retiring. joshua starr has served as superintendent of schools in stamford, connecticut, for the past six years. if he's approved by the state board of education, he'll start work in july. stocks making strong gains today after good earnings and consumer confidence reports were out. the dow jones picked up about 115 points. the nasdaq climbed about 22 and the s&p 500 ended the day about 12 points higher. >> severe weather stretching across the southeast continues to wreak havoc. a tornado took seven lives in arkansas and destroyed as many as 80 homes. >> meanwhile, 1,000 people are being evacuated from missouri
4:33 pm
for fear a levee there will break. chris clackam has more on the widespread damage. >> reporter: there may be as many as three dozen spots where rivers of the black river are pouring over the levee in popular bluff, missouri. that's why they ordered more evacuations. >> i was here yesterday morning over at the office there and it was surrounded but it wasn't like this at all. >> reporter: over a foot of rain has fallen since flooding in parts of missouri. the mississippi and ohio rivers are rising so fast the 2800 residents have been asked to leave voluntarily. in kentucky, people living below an earthen dam in henry county have already left. there's evidence the dam is eroding and might break. while in arkansas, cleanup continues after a terrifying night of tornadoes. one of which killed four in the town of velonia. >> heartbreaking. everything you worked for all
4:34 pm
these years just gone. >> arkansas governor mike beebe toured the damage tuesday after declaring a state of emergency on monday. >> arkansans are really good at helping one another after a disaster. >> we had the warning signals going off so we got everybody into the safe room. >> reporter: natasha and her family survived, but just barely. >> we held on to each other and just said we loved each other and that was about it. >> others just barely had enough time to make it to the basement. >> just started circling and things were bending and flying. i took off running. >> reporter: but it's more rain falling and feeding into rising rivers in the midwest and midsouth that's the concern going forward. chris clacken, nbc news. the music world today is mourning the death of phoebe snow. the singer, guitarist and songwriter died this morning of complications from a brain hemorrhage that she suffered early last year.
4:35 pm
phoebe snow sang a number of commercial jingles but is probably best known for composing "poetry man," a hit back in the '70s. she pretty much dropped out of the music world around that time to care for her daughter who was born with severe brain damage. phoebe snow was 60 years old. if lindsay lohan's latest appeal failed, she could spend more time behind bars. a judge says she's violated her parole. >> "people" magazine and radar online reported lohan would serve four months in jail. well, tonight she opens up to jay leno on "the tonight show" about what this all could mean for her career. >> at what point did you realize, oh, my god, i could lose this. this could slip away from me. >> i think being young and being in a position that i was in, you don't really take the time to appreciate what you've -- what you have. and it all is -- people make decisions for me. i'm not a kid anymore.
4:36 pm
i'm 24. i've made a lot of mistakes and i recognize that. but i'm in the clear now and i feel like as long as i stay focused then i will be able to achieve what i want to achieve. >> catch "the tonight show with jay leno" tonight, 11:35 right here on nbc 4. well, you've seen all the previews for the last few weeks. now it's finally time to hear the voice. >> the new singing competition premieres tonight on nbc. ♪ >> the judges on "the voice" are all music industry celebs. christina aguilera, cee lo green, maroon 5's adam levine and blake shelton. the coast, carson daly. "the voice" kicks off tonight at 9:00 on nbc 4. >> that was a booming voice right there. >> oh, yeah. >> they don't mess around at the beginning like that other music show. they are all talented from the
4:37 pm
get-go. >> yeah, you mean the one that airs on another network? >> yeah, where they start out and some of them are kind of laughable. >> they're all good and strong on "the voice." during tonight's premiere you'll hear the new voice of the aflac duck. >> that's right. >> aflac. aflac. >> that's the face. he's got a nose. the winner of an online competition was announced today. daniel mckey, a 36-year-old father of three from minnesota beat out more than 12,000 contestants to replace gilbert godfrey. he got a contract worth in the low six figures but the insurance company says it expects to sign him to a long-term deal. >> simply for saying that one word. >> that's all it takes. >> two times in a row. >> today, facebook launched a rival deal service to sites like groupon in five cities, but not
4:38 pm
here in the district, unfortunately. it's hoping to add more cities very soon. >> meanwhile, facebook also announced a new send button that works much the same way as the like button. only now you can choose to send links to a select few people rather than everybody you are friends with. that may mean your boss won't see the stuff that you like to do outside of work. the button is only available for use with 50 websites right now, but that number is expected to grow in the coming weeks. there is more to come on "news 4 at 4:00." with three days before the royal wedding, new pictures surface of prince william as a baby. plus, beauty shop bandits strike gold by sweeping up hairq copd makes it hard to breathe so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now, i've got the leading part. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function.
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the first royal photographer commissioned to take baby pictures of prince william has uncovered some forgotten photographs. ian pelham-urn turner has worked with the royal family for years now. he was asked to take pictures of the first child of prince charles and princess diana. the black and white portrait of prince william has been lost for 30 years. the prince, of course is all grown up now and will be getting married this friday. some pretty good timing, i'd say there, this week to uncover these things. wendy rieger will report live from london every day this week on nbc 4 news at 11:00. tonight at 11:00, she catches up with celebrity sharon osbourneo. michael vick and the humane society are calling on google to get rid of an app which glorifies dogfighting. it allows users to train and
4:42 pm
fight virtual dogs. vick calls this a step backwards in the fight against animal cruelty and the humane society calls it a virtual training ground for would-be dog fighters. cage games, the company that created this app, says it was meant to be a satire to teach the public about the evils of dogfighting. when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00, the heist that netted thieves 90 grand worth of hair. plus, gone without a trace. a mother missing while her baby is found alone in a car.
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we have some breaking news right now. washington redskin albert hanesworth has just been indicted by a grand jury for a misdemeanor sex assault. it stems from an alleged incident that happened back on february 13th at washington's w hotel in downtown d.c. we'll have much more on this story as we pore over the paperwork. >> turning now to the weather which was hot and sticky but it's going to take a turn for the worse. >> one more hot, sticky day tomorrow. you'll want to keep an eye on the sky because of severe storm potential tomorrow and again thursday. tune in all day to nbc washington and we'll have those updates for you should they come out, and, of course, the weather channel on cable. temperatures throughout the area in the 80s. low and mid-80s generally.
4:46 pm
78 degrees. a little cooler in d.c. we are going to be cooling down to 71 degrees by 9:00. could have some isolated storms for 9:00 and 11:00. down to 69 degrees. and then tomorrow morning, in the mid-60s. here's a look at the radar. you can see those storms well off to the west. i-81 and west of i-81. they have lightning with them. here's what i'm expecting the next 48 hours. some showers and some storms around the area. most of which will be tomorrow afternoon. here's a snapshot of tomorrow morning. the white, the clouds, the blue and green. that's the rain and even storms mainly tomorrow afternoon. so they'll be scattered tomorrow and then they'll increase in coverage pretty much as we get into thursday. there's a look at thursday. and that's thursday morning. so part of the morning rush could be sloppy with the potential again of severe weather. could be looking at hail. could be looking at high winds with these. then it's out by thursday at 4:00. left with clouds around the area. but areawide, a slight risk of
4:47 pm
severe storms tomorrow. and then for thursday, mainly east of the area. here's a look at your forecast as we get into the four-day. saturday, 73. next two days, storms but cooling off at the end of the week. saturday with some sunshine and then the weekend, too, sunday, left with more sunshine and perhaps some storms on tuesday. so tune in right here tomorrow. we'll keep you updated. >> sounds like you might be busy. >> thanks, veronica. >> some thieves out in chicago made a clean getaway after breaking into a salon. but they weren't after cash. >> no, they weren't at all. the suspects made off with thousands of dollars in top of the line hair extensions. sharon wright has more on this hair heist. >> take a look. take a close look. you are looking at hair thieves. yes, hair thieves in action. dragging bin after bin of hair extensions to their van. >> ten minute, 15 minute, they
4:48 pm
finished. that means grabbed a whole lot of top quality hair. >> the thieves apparently knew what they were doing. targeting and making off with the top of the line products. the thieves making off with the haul valued at -- >> $90,000. >> $90,000? >> yeah. >> store clerks today restocking the human hair the crooks cleaned out, but you might ask, what's the deal with the demand for the hair? >> i like to change my clothes, my shoes, my look and change my hair as well. >> joes set not alone. at salons like mario tracochi, high volume hair is in high demand. >> limp hair is gone. you know, with -- you can look through any fashion magazine and any photo that you look at, those are all hair extensions. >> the hair extensions, an expensive hot commodity. >> everybody wants big hair,
4:49 pm
volume hair. it's very costly. anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000. >> and salon customers say it's worth it. >> in an instant, i had long hair. >> so if you are still wondering about the thieves and why a hair heist. >> trying to grab our merchandise and then they resell on the street. >> well, perhaps now you understand the motive. >> stolen locks. >> big business these days. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 -- new clues from the mother of -- the mothers of the teenagers who were bullied and then committed suicide. a car abandoned in the cold. a baby left alone inside. now a family is frantic for word on a missing mother. > coming up here at 5:00 -- growing debate over a disorder that affects hundreds of thousands of children. why one mother says classical music helped cure her daughter's
4:50 pm
autism. plus, a man's brush with death caught on tape. why this motorcyclist says this awful accident led to one of the happiest moments of his life. and stick around for news 4 at 6:00. tonight, there was one tip that helped lead to the arrest of a man suspected of planting a pipe bomb at a colorado mall.
4:51 pm
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new clues tonight are surfacing over what may have pushed two minnesota eighth graders to commit suicide. the 14-year-olds were found following a sleepover where they hanged themselves earlier this month. paige's mother says her daughter
4:53 pm
was being treated for depression. hailey's family says she complained about being ridiculed over her weight and red hair. >> she's gone. she's not coming back. >> there is no do-over. kids need to do that. suicide is not the answer. it is not the answer. >> now both girls left behind suicide notes telling their families they loved them but did not give a reason why they did it. >> former president george w. bush got his picture taken in his home state of texas while taking part in the warrior 100. the event say bike ride that honors service members wounded in iraq and afghanistan. the trail covers more than 60 miles of desert crossing big bend ranch state park. coming up on news 4 at 4:00 -- a mother disappears without a trace and her baby is found in her abandoned car. and you can follow us on twitter. search jim handly. >> and for pat search pl muse.
4:54 pm
>> and for pat search pl muse. >> i'll take these. love those jeans. $175. ch-ching! excuse me? ever consider showing your customers what other stores charge for jeans? when it comes to car insurance, progressive direct does. i saved hundreds when switching. that's a lot. the jeans are skinny. the savings... are fat. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive.
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4:56 pm
a family in maine is looking for answers after a young single mother disappeared over the weekend. >> her car was found abandoned in a parking lot in new hampshire. her 14-month-old daughter was alone and asleep inside. ron allen picks up the story.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: krista ditmeyer has vanished without a trace. those who know her well insist she is a devoted and loving mother who never would have just abandoned her child. just 14 months old. she's alive and well staying with her grandmother and the family says missing her mother. >> kayla is very worried about her younger sister. >> we don't know what she's doing, what happened, who has her. i just know that she never would have abandoned her daughter ever. ever. >> dittmeyer, a weigaitress who lives in portland, maine, spoke to her mother. she has friends. police say that isn't particularly suspicious. but they believe there is no doubt dittmeyer is the victim of a crime. >> nothing to indicate in her background that she was siicidal, had a debilitating
4:58 pm
mental illness or disenfranchised with her life. >> reporter: she's a strong, bold woman who they think convinced an attacker to spare her child and left the car with its flashers on in a place where someone would find it. >> regardless of whether or not she knew her assailant, it's highly likely that she was able to convince this person who leave the child there and the reality is that child at that tender age would never be a witness in this case. >> police have searched the area on the ground and from the skies. they've also seized a second vehicle to search but won't say who it belongs to or how it figures into the investigation. all her family can do is hope and pray and plead for help. >> i am just waiting for her to show up. i just feel like it's not even real. if anyone remembers seeing her at any point at all, please let us know any detail. >> and that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
>> you're watching nbc 4. washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is "news 4 at 5:00." >> washington redskin albert hanesworth indicted by a grand jury this afternoon. good afternoon. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. wendy is on assignment in london. tonight, we begin with breaking news. late this afternoon, the washington defensive lineman was ditd on a charge of misdemeanor sex abuse. these charges stem from an encount theater w hotel in downtown washington back in february. craig melvin just got his hands on the indictment. he's in the newsroom working on the story. >> we just got it. so bear with me. the alleged incident involved a waitress at the pob lounge, the w hotel, just blocks from the white house. hainesworth was at that bar


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